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Mensagem por TibiaPrograms em Seg Jul 09, 2012 6:57 am

Tibia iBot 9.54 !


*Healer Improved option : CooldownControl with the new cooldown system.
*FriendHealer Improved option : CooldownControl with the new cooldown system.
*Cavebot Improve some pathfinder functions. Improve 'trapped' functions.
*Target The stance options : Circle/Approach with more control to stay diagonal. Improved option : CooldownControl with the new cooldown system. Changes in option : MustAttackMe.
*Looting Improved looting system functions.
*Hud Improved control to stay always in top and visible.
*Lua Functions and variables bool cancast(string castspell) ItemsInfo[] getitems(string items) NEW HUD for loot counter.

Improved some internal funcions. Enjoy iBot.


Tibia XenoBot 9.54 !


*v2.5.0 Added 9.54 compatibility and removed older version compatibility.
*Fixed the problem with "Walk on Fire" and "Walk on Furniture" in "Pathfinding."
*Removed "Summon Indentification" from "Frag Helper."
*Added Self.ShopSellAllItems(item) to the Scripting library. It accepts an item ID or item name as a parameter and returns in the same manner as Self.ShopSellItem.
*Added "Advanced Info" to "Tools." When enabled, the following data will be shown under a creatures name, if available:
*Mother slimes and blobs will show the text "Mother" if the bot has seen them summon children (This is now much more accurate than before).
*Players will show their level, vocation, and estimated health ONLY after they are manually looked at by the user.
*Creatures which have been summoned by players will show the name of their summoner if they were summoned on screen (This is now much more accurate than before).
*Modified the Scripting system to get rid of many crashes and help ensure stability.



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